It’s gift giving season.

So, one of the more interesting moral quandaries of the RID project was what to do about things I received as gifts.

You see, I realized when I started the project…that the only way to do it was honestly, and unabashedly, … publicly. So, I thought about what it would mean for people to see gifts they had given me added to the RID pile.

I decided to not worry about it for two reasons:

1) Who can remember what they received as gifts and what they didn’t? A sad commentary on American consumerism to be sure, and

2) Just because I RID something didn’t mean I didn’t get use out of it, or didn’t enjoy it. It simply meant that it was time to let it move on…to release it.

I offer this thought as we all enter the “between Thanksgiving and Xmas” time. A time where all of us are encouraged to buy the ones we love…things.

It’s not exactly a novel thought, but I’d encourage all of us to give more experiences, and fewer things. Not only is it a proven way of getting to more happiness — but it adds to the giver’s enjoyment as well.

So, for those on MY Xmas list, be prepared to have an experience-centered holiday season. With fewer things, but more love.

Happy holidays, one and all.

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2 Responses to It’s gift giving season.

  1. Leigh says:

    I feel very lucky for having chanced upon your blog. I love the format and how you honor the items, the role they played in your life–even if insignificant–and what you gained from them. I am considering a similar exersize because like you, I have moved every few years (NYC–>Seattle–>Boulder–>DC–>Doha–>Denver–>Dallas–>??) but I’ve collected quite a lot of stuff in the process. Stuf that was more connected to who I was and wanted to be, but stuff that isn’t really helping me at this point. Thanks for the inspiration!

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