Lessons from my RID Project continue…even years later.

Stumbled across THIS today.

Money quote: “”We all have at least one, but, in many cases, multiple items that we hold onto — even though we no longer use them — because the items still have sentimental value,” said Karen Winterich, the Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow and associate professor of marketing, Penn State. “These items have some type of meaning that says, ‘this is who I am’ and/or ‘this is who I was,’ so we just don’t want to let this stuff go.”

We want to remember, to treasure, to hold on.

I think, in hindsight, that this is one of the reasons my RID Project was successful. Giving away over 400 items in 400 days was impactful, rewarding, and actually quite addictive.

I think this could be a great use of blogs, social media, and other technologies — to document, to memorize.

In short, to hold things in memory rather than in physical form.

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Some good motivation for your own RID project.

Great points made in this simple blog post I found online…

Clutter is expensive:

  1. An average of ten dollars per square foot to store items in your house
  2. Almost ten percent of American households rent storage units, spending more than $1,000.00 annually in rent
  3. A quarter of people with two-car garages can’t even get their cars in there because they are storing their junk instead
  4. Twenty-three percent of us pay bills late and incur fees because we have lost the statements
  5. The average American spends one year of his or her life looking for lost or misplaced items.”

Full post here.


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In case you’re thinking of starting your own RID project, this person has advice for getting motivated.

I love this quote…”People like myself live in the their memory’s clutter for years upon years and become numb to the drag it adds to their life. It slows you down, cramps you up. It makes it hard to move and hard to work. It means you’re stuck where you are because transplanting yourself to a better environment would just be much too much hassle.

It means your brain is trying to track all of the objects floating through your life but, unable to do so, it just wastes energy on empty brain loops as it tries to mentally collect and connect all the various pieces.”

Click here for the full post.

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I put 20 books on the “to be RIDded” pile today.

Seems old habits die hard?

Books…oh, books. I guess if there’s one category I give myself permission to overdo it in, it’s reading.

Time to get serious again…

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A digital RID?

So, lately I’ve been thinking about my use of social media – and the fact that it doesn’t seem like it’s holding up its end of the bargain on the “social” front.

I’ve steadily watched my use of Facebook decline – it doesn’t seem like it’s really worth the trouble lately. And…I suspect I’m not the only one? It seems my friends are posting less and less all the time.

I must admit, watching people go through a little bit of a “digital RID” and getting a little more connected in real life would be a welcome development.

What do you think? Are you reducing the “social” media use you’re using? I’d love to know…

Through social networks or otherwise.


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A handful of people sent me this article this weekend. So, I thought I’d post.

A treatise about too much stuff. The points this person makes mirror my project….almost exactly.

Money Quote:

“My success and the things it bought quickly changed from novel to normal. Soon I was numb to it all. The new Nokia phone didn’t excite me or satisfy me. It didn’t take long before I started to wonder why my theoretically upgraded life didn’t feel any better and why I felt more anxious than before.

My life was unnecessarily complicated. There were lawns to mow, gutters to clear, floors to vacuum, roommates to manage (it seemed nuts to have such a big, empty house), a car to insure, wash, refuel, repair and register and tech to set up and keep working. To top it all off, I had to keep Seven busy. And really, a personal shopper? Who had I become? My house and my things were my new employers for a job I had never applied for.”

Want more? Read the full article here.

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Thinking about stuff (we eat.)

A GREAT collection of images of what 200 calories look like – in different foods. Available online.

calories-in-a-glazed-donut calories-in-a-cheeseburger calories-in-mini-peppers

Find more here.


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