You know, in the middle of the RID project, I found myself wondering…why can’t I just BORROW some of these items from my friends/neighbors rather than owning them?

Well, of course the reason is…who knows who owns what, and would be willing to lend stuff?

Enter a great new entity I saw yesterday….Yerdle.

Right now, it’s limited to a couple of major cities…but I fully expect to see them succeed…and take off.

Please support them…this is the kind of effort that will make a BIG difference.

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I love this post about decision making, and choices.

Key Quotes:

“Even the greatest minds fear missing out. Nobel laureate Richard Feynman who assisted in the development of the atomic bomb, contributed substantial advances to quantum mechanics and particle physics, discovered the cause of the Challenger Shuttle disaster and popularized science as a witty and successful author, faced this fear when confronted with a menu.,,

How many different dishes should he order from a menu before settling upon a favorite? Feynman used probability theory to solve the problem….

The number of dishes to try = √2(Meals remaining at restaurant+1) – 1

Fear of missing out is a paralyzing force. It even drives geniuses to mathematics for consolation. Having calculated the number of dishes to try, Feynman could rest, his mind at ease knowing that in all likelihood, he was eating the best plate on the menu.

With the panoply of options before us as founders, investors, managers and employees, the fear of missing out on key meetings, conferences, marketing initiatives, employment candidates, investment opportunities is rampant. There is always one more meeting to attend, one more person to meet, one more option to consider…

We want the freedom of trusting our decisions and intuition. I think it comes down to accepting that, as is written on Facebook’s walls, done is better than perfect. It’s more important to keep moving forward with a good decision than to slowly optimize for the best decision every time.”

Link to article here.

The connection to the RID project is obvious, I think. It’s not about making the PERFECT decision every time. It’s about following your intuition. What’s gone is gone. What you choose to keep, stays. And somewhere…in a place in your mind you’ll probably never understand…is the reason for that.

Happy Wednesday, all.


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New blog coming soon. (But not quite RIDding this one, just yet.)

And I’m planning on launching it March 4.

Stay tuned. I’m excited to share it with you all.

For now…I’ll give you the website address…

See you in March for the launch.

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The LAST time I’ll ask (on this blog.) I need a SMALL favor from you, dear readers.

As, I suppose, a “typical” male born and raised in the Midwest, I’m not always the best at asking for help. I guess I somehow got the idea that it made me appear weak or something. But, over the last few years…I’ve gotten better. And I continue to try to improve. Something “David” finds it easier than “Dave” did.

So, it’s in this spirit that I ask for YOUR help. I need some thought starters from my audience. I’m preparing a new blogging project, something along the lines of the RID project. But here’s where I need your help.

I’d like you to send me a sentence. That’s it. Just one sentence.

I’d like you to send me a sentence of how the tough economy has impacted the BEHAVIOR of you, or someone you directly know. It can be yourself, a close friend, or a family member. But I’d like to make sure it’s someone you know well.

What kind of sentence should it be? It can be very simple, something like…

“When my brother lost his job, he stopped taking his yearly vacation.” OR “When my best friend from high school found out his health insurance benefits were being cut, he changed doctors.” OR “Thanks to the increasing cost of cable (and other things) — my college roommate cancelled cable, and started watching all her favorite shows online.”

That’s it. But I NEED your help. Because I need REAL examples.

PLEASE send them to my email address ( — or, if you’re reading this in social media, feel free to leave your sentence in the comments, or send them via social media service. Whatever’s the easiest, and the most comfortable for you.

These sentences will be for MY EYES ONLY, they won’t be used for anything other than inspiration for me…I promise to keep them close.

Thanks for your attention. I really appreciate it.

And…can I PLEASE get a sentence from you?

Thanks in advance.

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More stuff = less time together.


Wow, I haven’t seen a better reason to RID…ever.

Key quote: “[W]hat we have is a situation in which American families have more stuff, but they have managed to afford that stuff only by being two-income families, with ever less family time — unlike their European counterparts, who have gained in shorter hours and vacations what they lost in stay-at-home wives.”

Hat tip.


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RID Champion.

jack-sproule-tries-fold-down-bed-325-square-photo-121828624--finance.html;_ylt=AmVUDvTxi85f1Q.IjVI saw an amazing exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York this weekend.

The exhibit, Living Small at Home and Abroad, took on the challenge of “how can cities rework their living spaces, and their living codes as needed, to accommodate the citizens who want to make the city their home?’

The highlight of the exhibit was a working model of efficiency — how to make 350 sq. feet work for you. It was inspiring, and should be a visit for anyone who needs motivation for their own RID Project. It shows how high the bar can be. Or maybe how small it can be?

Anyway, if you’re in NYC, go visit it. The museum is terrific in other ways, as well. A great start to an NYC visit!

Go here for museum information.

And here for Yahoo’s take on the exhibit.

Good stuff. About less stuff.

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RIDing the RID. 2011 – Books on belief.

Believe it.

So, in order to accomplish the RID project, I would typically…figure out what item I wanted to get RID of, think about the item a little, take a picture of it, then…sometime later…create the entry about it to share with my readers.

This morning…I found this photo. Two books given away, but never blogged about.

I consider it the ultimate accomplishment of the RID project that I even FORGOT about some of the items I gave away…some so much I even forgot to blog about them.

It’s a “mission accomplished” kind of morning.


By the way, I still need your help. If you haven’t sent me “a sentence,” PLEASE do so…I need all the input I can get from my readers.

Go here for a reminder of what i NEED from you.

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