RID Champion.

jack-sproule-tries-fold-down-bed-325-square-photo-121828624--finance.html;_ylt=AmVUDvTxi85f1Q.IjVI saw an amazing exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York this weekend.

The exhibit, Living Small at Home and Abroad, took on the challenge of “how can cities rework their living spaces, and their living codes as needed, to accommodate the citizens who want to make the city their home?’

The highlight of the exhibit was a working model of efficiency — how to make 350 sq. feet work for you. It was inspiring, and should be a visit for anyone who needs motivation for their own RID Project. It shows how high the bar can be. Or maybe how small it can be?

Anyway, if you’re in NYC, go visit it. The museum is terrific in other ways, as well. A great start to an NYC visit!

Go here for museum information.

And here for Yahoo’s take on the exhibit.

Good stuff. About less stuff.

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