RIDing the RID. 2011 – Books on belief.

Believe it.

So, in order to accomplish the RID project, I would typically…figure out what item I wanted to get RID of, think about the item a little, take a picture of it, then…sometime later…create the entry about it to share with my readers.

This morning…I found this photo. Two books given away, but never blogged about.

I consider it the ultimate accomplishment of the RID project that I even FORGOT about some of the items I gave away…some so much I even forgot to blog about them.

It’s a “mission accomplished” kind of morning.


By the way, I still need your help. If you haven’t sent me “a sentence,” PLEASE do so…I need all the input I can get from my readers.

Go here for a reminder of what i NEED from you.

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