Lessons from my RID Project continue…even years later.

Stumbled across THIS today.

Money quote: “”We all have at least one, but, in many cases, multiple items that we hold onto — even though we no longer use them — because the items still have sentimental value,” said Karen Winterich, the Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow and associate professor of marketing, Penn State. “These items have some type of meaning that says, ‘this is who I am’ and/or ‘this is who I was,’ so we just don’t want to let this stuff go.”

We want to remember, to treasure, to hold on.

I think, in hindsight, that this is one of the reasons my RID Project was successful. Giving away over 400 items in 400 days was impactful, rewarding, and actually quite addictive.

I think this could be a great use of blogs, social media, and other technologies — to document, to memorize.

In short, to hold things in memory rather than in physical form.

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