New project coming soon, and I need YOUR help. PLEASE read below.

The RID Project, a small blogging idea I once had – blew up. It changed from an intensively personal, dedicated project to one that was more inspirational for others than I ever forecast. I continue to be amazed by the inspiration you’ve given me.

So, it’s in this spirit that I ask for YOUR help. I need some thought starters from my audience.

I’m preparing a new blogging project, something along the lines of the this blog you’re now reading.

But here’s where I need your help. I’d like you to send me a sentence. That’s it. Just one sentence.

I’d like you to send me a sentence of how the tough economy has impacted your BEHAVIOR, or someone you directly know. It can be yourself, a close friend, or a family member. But I’d like to make sure it’s someone you know well.

What kind of sentence should it be?

It can be very simple, something like… “When my brother lost his job, he stopped taking his yearly vacation.” OR “When my best friend from high school found out his health insurance benefits were being cut, he changed doctors.” OR “Thanks to the increasing cost of cable (and other things) — my college roommate cancelled cable, and started watching all her favorite shows online.”

That’s it. But I NEED your help. Because I need REAL examples.

PLEASE send them to my email address ( — or, if you’re reading this in social media, feel free to leave your sentence in the comments, or send them via social media service. Whatever’s the easiest, and the most comfortable for you.

These sentences will be for MY EYES ONLY, they won’t be used for anything other than inspiration for me…I promise to keep them close.

Thanks for your attention. I really appreciate it. And…can I PLEASE get a sentence from you?

Thanks in advance.

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