Inspired by the inspired.

One of the things I didn’t expect when I started the RID project was that it would inspire other people to do the same. One of my friends started his own project yesterday, and I continue to be humbled when I see people doing it for themselves.

The truth is…I never started the RID project for any other reason than to minimize my “stuff” footprint, and the only reason I blogged about it was to keep myself honest. It, unexpectedly, turned into more. Something far more inspirational for me…and apparently, for others as well.

So…that leads to…tomorrow’s entry.

Tomorrow…I need your help. I’m going to start a new project along the lines of the RID project…but with a whole new theme…and I’m going to need some inspiration from all of you.

So, tomorrow…I’ll be asking for your input. Expect to see the request from all three blogs…,, and

I need your help…please give me whatever advice you can.

I continue to depend on your inspiration.

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