It’s gift giving season.

So, one of the more interesting moral quandaries of the RID project was what to do about things I received as gifts.

You see, I realized when I started the project…that the only way to do it was honestly, and unabashedly, … publicly. So, I thought about what it would mean for people to see gifts they had given me added to the RID pile.

I decided to not worry about it for two reasons:

1) Who can remember what they received as gifts and what they didn’t? A sad commentary on American consumerism to be sure, and

2) Just because I RID something didn’t mean I didn’t get use out of it, or didn’t enjoy it. It simply meant that it was time to let it move on…to release it.

I offer this thought as we all enter the “between Thanksgiving and Xmas” time. A time where all of us are encouraged to buy the ones we love…things.

It’s not exactly a novel thought, but I’d encourage all of us to give more experiences, and fewer things. Not only is it a proven way of getting to more happiness — but it adds to the giver’s enjoyment as well.

So, for those on MY Xmas list, be prepared to have an experience-centered holiday season. With fewer things, but more love.

Happy holidays, one and all.

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Screw you, Sandy…

For those of you who don’t know, I moved to Brooklyn, New York last January.

And, you may have heard, we got walloped by a hurricane here. I was lucky – we never lost power or even cable. I watched the events, like many of you, through the news media (and somewhat through my window which overlooks Manhattan.)

But…on a day shortly after the storm hit, I went with a couple of friends to do some cleanup in Redhook, an area of Brooklyn that has been particularly hard hit. It was tragic, and sad, … as we helped a resident clean his basement out — which had been stacked with memories, knickknacks, and items that just didn’t have a place in his day to day life.

It was a bit of a reminder for me of the importance of the RID project – another reason to get rid of the items we don’t need anymore. Because it will allow you to keep the items which do matter…closer to you.

Here’s hoping we don’t need to RID too often from climate change.

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Since some new people are discovering this blog, I thought I’d repost the TEDx talk I gave about it – just to give the project some context.

David’s TEDx talk on the RID Project

(click the link)

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So, something has happened. And I’m not sure what it is.

For some reason, the traffic to this blog has EXPLODED over the last couple of days…not really sure where it’s coming from. So, if you’re new to the RID project, and you could tell me where you found out about it…I’d appreciate it.

Leave a comment, willya?

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Had to add this to the RID blog – “propping,” they call it…pleased to report I’m less of a “prop-per” now…

“Props in this case mean things that are put there for style or to make a statement, but are really never used for anything else. Kurt Andersen, who wrote for an architectural magazine in the 1980s, noticed the props when he visited the homes he was writing about.”

Found here.

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December 30, 2011 – End of the year, end of the RID project. (Box of Ex.)

Gone forever.

Well folks – it’s been a great project. Over 400 entries. Probably around 800 items I no longer own.

And…as of today, it’s over.

You see, with my move to NYC, and the turn of the New Year, I’ve decided to RID the project itself. It’s been fun, so fun…in fact, that it’s time to move on to the next “self experimentation” project (coming soon.)

For those of you who’ve followed the project, thank you. Watching the traffic numbers swell over the last year and a half has been humbling, daunting, and encouraging…all at the same time.

For the final entry, I thought this box would do. It’s items from past relationships that I’ve decided not to blog about publicly. Only I know what’s in this box. And that’s the way it’s gonna stay.

After all, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of the project, it’s that you’ve gotta just let some items (and people, and memories) go.

Goodbye, dear readers.

It’s been a fun ride. (or RID.)

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December – The origin of books I own.

As I prepare for my move to NYC, I continue giving away a lot of books. I have a hard time going into a bookstore without coming out with one (or several).

One of the unexpected benefits of the RID project is that it has absolutely changed the way I shop. Bookstores are just one example of how much the project has changed my attitude about shopping.

As I approach the end of this year, and as I struggle yet again with buying gifts for friends and family (My God, is it really already December 22nd?), I remind myself to enter the new year buying only with intention, shopping only with a mindful stance.

Happy holidays, one and all.


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December – Movement.

Time to move.

Today, I RID these books about movement. And it seems proper to announce my own.

As many of you may have already figured out by my appearance in yesterday’s New York Times, I’m moving again…this time to New York.

I’ll be arriving in NYC right after the new year. Looking forward to it.

And boy oh boy, if ever you needed an incentive to RID, try moving from an apartment in Dallas to one in the Big Apple.

More RIDs coming soon…

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December 8, 2011 – Lies.

No more.

Today, I RID these books about lying to get what you want in business.

Wow. Suffice it to say…with the never-ending stream of news about bank bailouts, shady business practices, etc…the world could do with fewer business lies.

So, today…off these books go.

And hopefully, so do the lies.

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December – Books on thought, thoughts on books.

Think about it.

Today I RID these books on thought – how we think, how men and women think differently, how people make decisions.

And it makes me think about my decisions about…books.

I’ve written on this blog before about how books are often my guiltiest pleasure. It’s very easy for me to get interested in a new topic…and just buy a book about it.

If there’s one thing the RID project has done, it’s made me slow down on the number of books I’m purchasing. And in that sense, it’s been good. While I may be developing fewer “interested ins,” it’s allowing me to focus and get to depth on what I’m already interested in, and want to develop further.

Sometimes, (or maybe all times?) less is truly more.

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