August 7, 2010 – I used to be a bigger man.

Thank the good Lord I never wore all of these to the same event.

Those of you know me well know that I’ve lost around 70 lbs. over the last few years.

Whilst I’m proud of that, truth be told…it represents about 80 percent of the weight I’d gained over time since my college days.

20-25 lbs. yet to go. But I’ll make it. Hopefully by the end of the year.

When your weight has shifted around that much over a 7-10 year period, you end up with some confusing closets. Some clothes too big, some too small. The ones above are from my “big” days.

If feels good to get rid of these – like making a committment that I’ll never be that man again. That I’m ready for a change. And more importantly, I’m committing to the one I’ve already made.

RID of things. In TWO ways.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: The RID project is making me think differently about the MATERIALS things are made of – I was at an event last night that made me think about the amount of plastic we use…THOUGHTLESSLY. Here’s to making conscious choices about when we HAVE to produce things in PLASTIC.

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