August 9, 2010 – Attention, Attention – Ridding things in the compound…

Seriously - when WOULDN'T you be able to just TIVO the reruns?

Today, I’m getting rid of the first three seasons of MASH DVDs.

Yeah – great show. But WHEN EXACTLY was I gonna watch these again?

This might be the easiest of several DVD purges I’ll have – considering I haven’t watched these (or this show, frankly) in years.

In fact, I’ve been thinking lately about why I own ANY DVDs. With Netflix, OnDemand, iTunes, and the rest…is there ANY point of owning physical copies of films you loved?

Sure, I enjoy sharing them with friends, etc. – but again…couldn’t I just call it up when I need it?

Again, there’s something about me…and us, I suspect – that makes OWNING things a source of comfort. Like they’re a part of us. Or we’re a part of them.

The thought makes me want to give away more DVDs.

More later.

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