August 10, 2010 – Listen Up.

3 Audiobooks, OH SO MANY CDs...

Suffice it to say, these three audiobooks show a diversity in anything BUT my political leanings.

Two of them I’ve listened to, and loved. The Howard Zinn one I’m still working on – albeit with digital copies.

I bought the Robert Evans one based on my favorite comedian’s (Patton Oswalt) bit about how great it was to listen to the Robert Evans story dictated by the man (legend) himself. It was everything Patton promised. Which was “like Lucifer dictating his memoirs.” Fan-friggin-tastic.

The Dalai Lama one was purchased after I did a meditation with one of his advisors at the TED conference. It was such a great hour of my life I wanted to learn more. I think the Lama would smile upon the RID project. (So I’ve got that goin’ for me.)

I have an incredibly short commute (especially for a market like Dallas) — so audiobooks really aren’t as useful as they were when I was hopping a plane and commuting between Seattle and Dallas.

Truth is, this was an easy RID.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: I went to the Red Bull “Art of Can” exhibit yesterday. There were a couple of exhibits which listed the exhibit, which was art made out of empty Red Bull cans, as “green.” Uh huh. Sure. More blogging on this later.

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