August 12, 2010 – Socks. Seriously…socks.

All hole-free. All headed to Goodwill.

The RID Project is making me examine my “keeping” habits – both big and small. There are a couple of major furniture items that I’m starting to think are targeted to RID – but the motivations of keeping them over the years are habits and attitudes I seem to apply to everything.

Take socks, for example. The values I was raised with, being from a blue-collar, Iowan farm town background, were to hold on to things as long as they still had use. If a sock didn’t have a hole in the toe, it was still worth keeping.

But – above are socks I haven’t worn in a long time. And today, I rid myself of them.

A small gesture…to be sure. But one that prepares me for the real pain of applying this same logic to a more emotional clothing item…

T-shirt RID coming soon…check this space.

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