August 20, 2010 – For the birds.

Seriously, how long was I gonna hang onto this?

My home in Seattle had a great place to hang this. My apartment in Dallas…doesn’t.

As of today, I’m officially giving this to someone who will enjoy it. Someone who will put it in a place that will give them hours of enjoyment as they take a breath, and simply watch nature at its best.

I hope this object brings them the happiness I originally intended for myself.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: This connects to the RID project in that I’m starting to think a lot more about the interconnectedness of things — and the nature of giving back. It occurs to me that there’s so much thought to this in the END…(“What do you want on your tombstone, etc.”) — and not enough to the daily joys of giving back to our planet, and to each other. More on this later.

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