August 21, 2010 – Art without meaning.

Simple entry today. Hope you’ll understand.

The above is a piece of art given to me when I was in a relationship that has since ended. It represents togetherness and an optimistic view of the future.

Obviously, the relationship didn’t last, as I stand before you today a single man.

But…I am staggeringly hopeful, and a more confident, optimistic man than I’ve been in years. Perhaps it’s because I’m more confident and comfortable than I’ve been in a long time about who I really am, and what I really want.

Or perhaps it’s simply because I recognize through the RID project that objects don’t define me, my actions and my sense of self are what matters.

So…here’s to art. To thoughtfulness…

And to having your feet firmly planted in the ground facing strongly towards whatever you’re working towards.

Namaste, my friends and readers.

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