August 24, 2010 – Tarps? Tarps!

Wrap 'yer head around these items, why dontcha?

Methinks he sees a pattern.

The STUFF that’s the easiest to get rid of is the STUFF that protects or holds other STUFF.

These tarps were purchased to protect my outdoor furniture and gas grill from the high winds and rain of Seattle. Now that I live in Dallas, they’re not needed anymore.

As I sort through the stuff I’m considering getting rid of – it’s giving me pause to think of all the stuff that protects our stuff: tarps, cell phone cases, laptop bags, shoe trees, specialized boxes for organizing, etc.

I’m thinking a little about the cost – both financial and psychological – about protecting our stuff.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: A co-worker was talking to me yesterday about storage lockers. And no, I don’t have one. But it occurs to me they are the ultimate “STUFF for STUFF.” I’m kind of sickly fascinated by the storage locker business in America — and I’m marking this topic for a follow-up.

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