August 25, 2010 – A videocamera I haven’t used in years.

Ah, the stories she could daughter's first steps, trips taken...

I’ve been hanging onto this video camera…and I wish I could give you a good garsh-darn reason why.

I’ve had it since 1994 – and that should tell you it’s quite a bit larger than it might appear in the photo above. I kept the tapes, and plan to transfer them to digital files — but otherwise, this camera’s hitting the Goodwill very soon.

It gives me a bit of pause as I think about what it MIGHT mean to apply the RID project to digital files – after all, with the lowering price of storage – we really aren’t motivated to throw any of our files (or memories) away.

Sometimes I wonder if it doesn’t cheapen the experience somehow. Admit it, of ALL your photos, which touches you the most? A yellowed one sitting in a shoebox somewhere…or a digital one you’ve taken over the last few years?

Of course, it’s not just the age – the RARITY of those photos is what makes them so valuable.

This is something at the heart of this project for me. Scarcity is what brings value and importance.

So as I give away yet another item today, I take a glance around my apartment…and recognize the items I clearly intend to keep.

Maybe, just maybe…that’s inspiration for another blog on August 1, 2011 — “”

We’ll see.

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2 Responses to August 25, 2010 – A videocamera I haven’t used in years.

  1. Leigh says:

    Dave, I’d use that camera for playback when you digitize the tapes before you get rid of it. The tapes will play best on the machine that recorded them.

  2. planboy says:

    Good tip! Thanks!

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