August 26, 2010 – Sustainable energy. Important, but not my thing.

I think I'll start by recycling this.

I’ve come to a conclusion lately.

Yes, of course I care about global warming. And I worry about those who deny the science.

But, while I recognize it as an important issue, and I will continue to do all I can to reduce my own carbon footprint (like ridding myself of unnecessary possessions), I realize it’s not where my passion lies.

That is, I’m glad that those who are smarter and more passionate than I am about this issue than I am…are working diligently on it. I, on the other hand, need to find a social/charitable cause that I’m more personally passionate about to make a true difference.

This book, a gift, is the first action on that knowledge. I’m re-gifting it to someone who’s more passionate than I about this issue — someone who will take the knowledge in this book and put it to much better use.

Certainly better use than me keeping this on my bookshelf for the next few years…and using gasoline to move it to new abodes time after time.

Here’s to conservation of all kinds of energy — including not wasting it.

P.S. I just found out it’s the 35th birthday of global warming today. Eek – happy birthday?!?!?

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