August 27, 2010 – Take a picture of this…

You push the button, it does the rest.

It only makes sense that, since I got rid of an old video camera the other day, a 35mm camera would be soon thereafter.

I received this camera years ago as a gift from my parents, and I loved it…I loved the process of choosing the right photo, composing it…then awaiting the results from my local photo developer.

Of course, now I’m on my fifth digital camera, not including the ones included on cell phones and other digital devices.

It makes me realize that we may actually lose something when we don’t have to wait for the photos to come back. And more importantly, we (or at least I) don’t take the care to compose in the digital world. I’m trying to take a quick snapshot to preserve a memory or remind myself of something interesting for later blogging and/or recall.

But I do think we lose something…I take less time making sure the composition captures the moment in a way that is really true to the experience.

So…today’s RID reminds me to find the time to take care, to take time, and to stay in the moment to truly experience the pleasures of life.

Good thought. Worth remembering.

This one’s a keeper.

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