August 30, 2010 – More storage bins.

I wish I could tell you what I thought I was keeping these for.

Yet another day of giving away stuff that was designed for the sole purpose of holding other stuff.

When I originally tagged “stuff for stuff” as a category entry for this blog, I thought I was being a bit of a smart-aleck. Just bloggin’, you know?

But, I’m amazed at how many items of the RID project can be tagged that way. How the stuff we accumulate not only in some cases saddles us, but leads to the accumulation of other stuff to accessorize it, to hold it, to enhance it in some way.

As I did a weekend cleanout of stuff for the RID project, I noted this insight – and decided to think through the things I consume with this in mind…

1) Will I still want this item I’m buying in 5 years? 10?

2) What “other items” will be needed to enhance or accessorize this purchase in some way?

3) What is the “total cost” in terms of storage, mental energy, and focus in the areas above?

4) Given all this, is this a purchase I still want to make?

Here’s to mindfulness in our consumption.

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