September 1, 2010 – CDs (the B’s.)

Obviously, I'm a Beck fan.

I’ve decided to make my “CD giveaways” on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

Today, the B’s.

And, I’ve decided to make just a few comments about a few of the CDs each month, and their connection to me.

Beck – what a great signal of the mashable culture this guy is. Truly, one of the few ARTISTS performing today. I think Beck will be thought of later as a guy who truly captured the zeitgeist of what was going on, and gave it a sound. Truly, the Beck CDs were hard to give away.

Bridge School – I remember calling my Mom as I was attending the Bridge School benefit in 1994 to tell her that Simon and Garfunkel were coming on stage. At that time, it was the only time they’d played together other than the famous Central Park show. What a crazy sight that was to see them walking on stage. And what a great moment it was to call my Mom and Dad, who’d played S&G records while I was growing up, to tell them I was about to see Simon and Garfunkel play live.

Blue Scholars – the best hip-hop to come out of Seattle…ever. (Apologies to Sir Mix.) Shout out to the 206, indeed.

Beastie Boys – While I was never as “into” these guys as much as so many of my music snob friends were, it’s hard to deny the beats. Just hypnotic.

Bowie – that just sums it up. Bowie.

Goodbye B’s – see you on my Mac’s hard drive.

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