September 3, 2010 – Friday Night Lights on a Friday morning.

A great show from what I've heard...but I was NEVER gonna read this.

Seemed an appropriate day to give away this book.

I’m going to try (soon) to go to a Texas high school football game — something tells me it’s an experience not to miss. They take their football quite seriously down here.

Here’s to the value of experience over things – a thought I’ve had several times so far in the RID project – and suspect I’ll have that thought many more times before it’s over.

On that note, last night my beloved Dolphins team came into town and lost to the hometown Cowboys on a last-second field goal. Where was I you ask? At a TEDx SMU event – mingling with several old (and new) friends. Given that the Fins/Boys game was a pre-season spectacle, I decided not to head out to Arlington, and to stay in Dallas to meet up with some new people. I’m glad I did – as several folks last night presented me ideas and thoughts that I’m sure are going to benefit me, now and in the future.

Here’s to new experiences…always.

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