September 13, 2010 – Magic Wand.

Yes, I know what it looks like.

Here’s kind of a cool gadget – it’s a “magic wand” that you can use to control your remote-controlled devices. With a wave of a hand, your devices seem to answer your command.

It IS cool…BUT it would’ve taken me time to program, and I already have remotes…so I gave this to an 8-year old I know. He will give this the time, wonder, and attention this gadget needs.

Time, wonder and attention. Hmmm….I think this might be my new “rule of thumb” before the purchase of ANY new electronic gadgets. If I have to devote more time and attention to them than the wonder I receive from them…don’t buy/keep them.

Think I’ll go dig through more electronics for the RID project…

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1 Response to September 13, 2010 – Magic Wand.

  1. Graeme says:

    My 8 year old loved it when I brought it back from TED. She’s into Harry Potter at the moment and the idea of being able to control the TV with a wand was amazing to her – she gets to be a real wizard!

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