October 7, 2010 – Rain, rain…


No more kayak...no more Seattle.

Today I give away a high-quality rain slicker.

But…I’m not really giving it away today.

You see, I’m off to Cuba for a cultural exchange trip in December, and I fully intend to leave it behind there. I figure that such a high quality slicker might do some good in a place where they’re used to tropical rains.

I bought this raincoat to wear while kayaking in Seattle. Since I gave the kayak away months ago (what a good RID project item that would have been!) — and I don’t live in Seattle anymore — seemed like a good thing to add to the stack.

Thinking of my upcoming trip to Cuba reminds me of my one travel regret – I’ve never been to Russia – either before or after the Soviet Union fell. That’s one of the reasons I’m not passing on this chance to visit Cuba legally — the chance to see a country BEFORE major changes happen to it.

And hopefully going back AFTER.

Here’s to travel, open minds, and learning from new experiences.


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