October 9, 2010 – Thoughts of art and commerce.



I got this book a number of years ago.

What made me buy it was a chapter about how to account, to the bottom line…the effects of advertising.

I’ve been in the business for 22 years now, and it’s a debate still raging. How does advertising pay for itself?

As a person who’s made his entire career in advertising, I can tell you without a doubt, that good advertising moves brands and businesses. But, it’s hard to put an exact number on it.

Just like a good PR article.

Or a change of a salesperson in a territory.

Yes, you can measure the change that happened due to several factors…but it’s hard to assign a specific dollar value to each, since multiple changes happen in the marketplace while the advertising, or PR, or salesperson…is changing.

No matter how hard we try…we end up with indicators, and presumptions.

And when people don’t understand, or admit that, we get ourselves into trouble.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


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