October 13, 2010 – Memories of Paris.


Still, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the world.

Another day, another coffee table book.

As I look at this book, I remember Paris – a terrific city, and one I’ve spent about 9-10 trips exploring.

Paris is a city that truly has changed my attitudes about travel. About how to get beneath the obvious tourist sites and go exploring. About how to accept and be open-minded about other cultures and their differences. About how to “roll with the punches” when things don’t go your way, or when a rude waiter argues with you about the lamb he expects you to eat when you clearly ordered the coq au vin.

I haven’t been back to Paris in over 5 years, and it occurs to me — as much as I love that city, I’m not exactly eager to go back. I might even be (gulp) too familiar with Paris, and I now embrace seeing something new every travel experience rather than going back to something I loved, enjoyed, and want to see again.

I guess I’m voting for new experiences every time.

Good fodder for more thinking – but this time…about daily life.


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