October 15, 2010 – CDs (the E’s)


Mostly Everclear, Etheridge...and some Eminem.

Today…CD day…I give away the E’s.

The highlights:

Steve Earle – I’ll admit, I came pretty late to the Steve Earle party. But I’m a huge fan…he’s such an inspiring story, beating his addictions…and creating socially conscious music with a solid sound. I’ve seen him perform live, and trust me…I will again.

Everclear – While they’ve definitely hit a few rough patches in their sound lately, I admire their early work…especially “I will buy you a new life,” and “Unemployed boyfriend.” If you don’t know them, I’ve got a three word genre…”Divorced Dad Beats.”

Eels – I just recently have come to appreciate their sound. So hard to define, yet so familiar in so many ways.

Melissa Etheridge – I saw her VERY early in her career, and was a huge fan. I’ve fallen off her bandwagon over the last few years…as I’ve seen her pigeonholed because of her social stance and outward homosexuality. I wish…somehow…she could connect to that former sound she used to have…the sound of a closeted Kansas woman who was expressing her rage and her point-of-view through gutsy music.

Eminem – I don’t have a lot of rap in my collection, but I’ve always appreciated Mr. Mathers…again, I prefered him in the “younger and angrier” version.



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