November 5, 2010 – Chuckin’ the Chucks.

Served me well.

I’ve never really been a “shoe guy.”

I’ve stuck with 5 – 10 pairs, and that’s been quite enough, thank you very much.

Lately, I’ve purchased a few new pairs, so…

time to RID.

This pair of Chuck Taylors is the first to go. I’ve had these about 10 years…and I must admit, it makes me a little sad to let them go. I love how they’re a great fusion of “ignorable old school styling” matched with a color you just can’t ignore.

And that fact that this guy wore them back in the day didn’t hurt either.

But lately…I’ve had to admit…they’re just not that comfortable.

So, off they go.

Tempting to make some reference to this, but leaving it alone.

So, goodbye Chuck Taylors. Please find another wearer who likes you as much as I do.

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