November 13, 2010 – If I were a rich man…

Great musical.

Ah, yet another DVD…

I love Fiddler. I was in the chorus as a freshman when we performed it in high school, and it’s always been one of my favorite musicals.

And I think the lyrics of the song eluded to above sum up one of the great inaccuracies of how we think about rich people…

“The most important men in town would come to fawn on me!
They would ask me to advise them,
Like a Solomon the Wise.
“If you please, Reb Tevye…”
“Pardon me, Reb Tevye…”
Posing problems that would cross a rabbi’s eyes!
And it won’t make one bit of difference if i answer right or wrong.
When you’re rich, they think you really know!”

Or is it so false?


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