November 20, 2010 – Books on culture.

Most unread. Time to RID.

I’m fascinated by the things we as human beings do, that then take hold…ultimately to become our culture.

These books above, from sustainable design to web content creation, reflect that desire to learn about the creation of culture.

But…time to RID.

Goodbye culture books who aren’t staying…you’re making room for the ones that are.

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1 Response to November 20, 2010 – Books on culture.

  1. Larissa Min says:

    At the risk of being forward, the books you are purging are very interesting to me in my current research and evolution. Do you pass them onto good will or might you gift them to someone following your footsteps (er, me). Following your footsteps in a good way, of course, not in a stalkerish way ;).
    Love this experiment, however, and feel inspired to do the same.

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