November 22, 2010 – Notes on giving. And on the word “meta.”

Pre-thanksgiving RID.

My favorite word is “meta.”

My other blog is kind of a “meta blog.” That is, a blog about other blogs.

So…with that explanation, today’s RID is a meta-RID. A RID about ridding.

Someone gave me this book to encourage me to give. And give I have, and am, with the RID blog.

But…I hate the subtitle of this book I’ve decided. I’m not motivated by “leaving a legacy.” When I’m gone, let me be. I choose to live in the moment, thank you very much.

PERSONAL (meta) ANECDOTE: Here’s another meta. This book was kind of a meta itself. A last word if you will from someone in my past. Kind of a lasting legacy about lasting legacies. Meta-meh. But more about that later.

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