December 16, 2010 – We all have our VICEs.

Think of a snarky blog written as a book.

If you’ve never seen VICE magazine, check out an issue.

These books are both “best of VICE” collections. One, a collection of some of their best articles. The other is the best of their DOs and DON’Ts collection where they take random photos of people on the street and make snarky comments about what they’re wearing.

Both these books are great, the humor that VICE provides is stellar and dead on, but obviously…I was never going to read these books again.

So today I cast them atop the RID pile to provide someone else the laughter these books provided me.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: I’ve definitely returned home from my Cuba trip fully committed to the RID project. Spending a week around so many people who owned so very little gives me new momentum to reduce the number of things I own. The people of Cuba, with their generous smiles and happiness, are a new reminder of the difference between possessions and happiness.

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