December 20, 2010 – Quite an operation.

Never really had the love for this game.

The giving away of games continues today with Operation.

I’ve always felt that this game is a bit of a game with no purpose.

Sure, you can work to remove some of the parts of the patient – but does it ever get any better? I mean, hey — this guy is obviously REALLY sick. There are problems all over his body. Will the removal of one or two of his ailments really help things?

I mean, maybe it’s time for him to donate his entire body to science and get it over with?

I’m not really sure why I was hanging on to this game. Maybe I thought if I kept it in my possession longer I’d be more willing to play it…that I’d appreciate the game more over time.

But the truth is, I found the game dumber and dumber with every play.

So, today — I RID myself of it.

Goodbye Operation – go find someone who finds your game interesting and entertaining…something I haven’t for a long time.

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