December 29, 2010 – Buddha box.

It runs on ohms....

I hate unwanted distractions, and random noise.

I find our world today filled with meaningless noises that just aid our distraction, and make it harder and harder for any of us to have a coherent thought.

For a conspiracy theory, check into this.

I bought a Buddha box a few years ago. For those who don’t know what it is, a Buddha box is designed to emit a sound, a simple sound…there are 8 in this Buddha box to choose from. It’s designed to aid meditation, sleep, and the like.

I like mine…but I never use it. So, off to RID it goes.

Here’s to peace and quiet, as often as possible.

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One Response to December 29, 2010 – Buddha box.

  1. Dm says:

    This is something I have been considering getting for years. Hmm…

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