January 9, 2011 – On loneliness.

The power of communities.

So, it’s snowing here in Dallas today.

A good day to stay inside…keeping warm, just a lazy day.

And while I enjoy a good day at home, I wonder if a lot of us don’t end up spending time inside just because we don’t have a sense of community, of friendship, of PEOPLE to hang out with.

I always note when I’m watching the local news that, no matter where I am, the angle of the local news seems to be, “Stay inside…it’s dangerous out there…” — whether applied to crime, the weather, or whatever crisis the news is trying to sell us.

So, as the Dallas area begins to thaw…

I offer up this book on community to the RID project to remind us all to engage, to participate, to get “out there.”

As often as possible.

Carpe Diem, my friends.


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