February 1, 2011 – Another pair of pants.

Just not me.

And here is yet another pair of pants for the RID project.

Truth be told, I bought these pants to celebrate when I’d lost a bunch of weight. The problem was…while they were the right size, they weren’t right for me. I barely wore them.

So, as I cast these atop the RID pile today…I remind myself to celebrate life’s little victories often…but mindfully.

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1 Response to February 1, 2011 – Another pair of pants.

  1. Corrine says:

    I want to tell you that you have inspired my friend, Annette, and me to do our own RID project. We are one month in…I started with cleaning my closet, and I am now moving on to books. Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with the continuation of your RID project!

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