February 15, 2011 – CD’s, the N’s.

Memories of the 206...

Ah…a CD Day…

Here are the highlights…

Nirvana – when I originally moved to Seattle in 1989, it seemed like everyone was in the music business. I had the unique privilege of being in Seattle when it “blew up.” And, I got to see, and meet, so many cutting-edge bands at the time. My only regret? Never seeing these guys live.

Randy Newman – For my money, the most important satirist working in America today. Sure, disregard him if you like for the last few years, when he’s mainly made money scoring Disney films…but, if you look across his body of work, you’ll see biting social commentary that the world so desperately needs.

Night Ranger – At the risk of opening myself up to intense criticism in the comments section, I really liked these guys. They provided some of the key hits of my youth, and they put on a great live show…now, isn’t that was music is supposed to be about?

Wow, Night Ranger – Randy Newman – Nirvana. Variety is the spice of life, indeed.

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