February 17, 2011 – On change.


Today, I RID a water bottle that I had at my last job.

I start a new job on Tuesday, can’t really share a lot about it yet — but, suffice it to say,…it’s keeping me in Dallas.

When I originally moved here, I assumed I’d move out as soon as I was out of my old job. After all, after 20 years on the West Coast – why would I hang out in a red state any longer than I have to?

But, I’m staying…and in the last couple of years…I’ve definitely learned some lessons.

1) You can create your reality wherever you are – sure, Dallas is no Seattle. But there are pockets of the town that remind me of the Seattle I love. And, truth be told, I may treasure these little pockets more here simply because they feel so special.

2) It’s people who matter. While I left a lot of great friends in Seattle, I’ve made some powerfully important connections in the big ‘ol state of Texas. And, little by little, that’s making it feel like…”home.”

3) Travel makes me whole. The nature of my job, and of my personal desire, make me travel…a lot. And I’m coming to terms with the fact that I NEED that. To move, to encounter new things, and to constantly put myself in situations where I’m recognizing new challenges.

So, here’s to the city of Dallas…thanks for welcoming me. I must admit, you’ve surprised me.

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