February 22, 2011 – In a TV nation.


Today, I RID myself of this book about the production of “TV Nation” – for my money, Michael Moore’s best work. This is a TV series he did right after the success of “Roger and Me.” And the themes he was playing with turned into the movies he did later, about banking, healthcare, and the like.

During my time between jobs, I’ve watched a fair amount of TV. And while they don’t actually count as part of the RID project, I’ve RID myself of a few TV shows that I was watching just a few months ago. Lead among them,

“The Office” – sorry, but this series jumped the shark a long time ago. The truth is, it never reached the heights of the British original — but, like so many shoes, it became about the “wackiness” of the characters, rather than the office “truths” it exposed early in the beginning.

So here’s to RIDding ourselves of the TV we watch out of habit, obligation, or mere inertia. If nothing else, consider it freeing up the Tivo for something better you could be watching.

Like, for my money, “Shameless.”

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