March 25, 2011 – On local history.

Sam I am, indeed.

When I moved to Seattle – oh, so many years ago…I made an effort to bone up on the region’s history. Which was great…because Seattle was founded by a bunch of shysters, hooligans, and thieves. Good reading.

I need to do the same for my (somewhat) new home town of Dallas. But I want to read the unadulterated, “scary” history — the one not written by PR folks and people promoting things – books written by people who appreciate the honest, somewhat “scary” truth behind our nation’s history.

The above book doesn’t really qualify — so off to the RID pile it goes.

Any suggestions from Dallas residents about historical knowledge are appreciated.

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1 Response to March 25, 2011 – On local history.

  1. Deanna says:

    Check out the Old Red museum downtown. Lots of actual history. Even admits Dallas was founded by a crazy man and sustained by zealous business men. Good times!

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