March 31, 2011 – CDs, the R’s.

So many of my faves...

Ah – a CD day! Today, the R’s.

The highlights –

Rainmakers – I know, I know…you’ve never heard of these guys. But, that’s because…unlike me, you didn’t go to college in the Midwest in the 80s. But trust me, these boys from Kansas City are one of the most unappreciated gems of that era. Alas, they never achieved the fame they deserved. I was thrilled to see them mentioned in a couple of Stephen King novels. At least he tried to shine the spotlight on them.

REM – I’ve blogged before about my appreciation for Mr. Stipe and the boys. My favorite band, hands down.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Add these guys to my list of regrets of bands that I never saw live. A shame really.

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