April 25, 2011 – Consumerspace.

Never read.

Recently, I was at a conference presenting, and I used the word “consumer.”

It’s amazing how hard a habit that is to break. Even though I’m trying to be more thoughtful about consuming myself, and to treat others as more than mere consumption machines,…that word just keeps creeping back into my vernacular.

So, as I RID this book today about “Consumerspace,” I remind myself to stop using that word.

To stop treating people as mere consumption opportunities.

And to consume less myself.

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1 Response to April 25, 2011 – Consumerspace.

  1. It’s an interesting challenge. When we eschew jargon we lose the familiarity that others associate with it. I agree with you entirely in this, but what other word would you, or could you, have used? Shopper? Buyer?

    I’ll be presenting at a conference this summer and the accepted words (ugh) that i want to address are touchpoint and engagement.

    I plan to sub the word “connection.” It’s more real, intimate and truthful. But I know I run the risk of alienating people who speak that language if I veer “off script”.

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