April 30, 2011 – CDs, the T’s.

Goodbye, old friends.

Ah – end of the month…a CD day. Today, the T’s.

The Highlights:

Tragically Hip – Just got the pleasure of seeing these guys last year at the House of Blues. If you’re not familiar, I’d highly recommend downloading their Greatest Hits, or “Road Apples.” For my money, one of the finest albums ever made.

Talking Heads – to be honest, I’ve never been as big a fan of these guys as most. I will admit however, that I saw (and met) David Byrne last year…and I was VERY impressed.

Triumph – The forgotten Canadian Prog Rock trio behind Rush. “Magic Power” was my favorite song throughout my college years.

Tears for Fears – Truly a band before their time. Every time I hear the new version of “Mad World” – it reminds me what a classic that was (and is).

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