May 6, 2011 – On music.

The future of what I love.

I’ve been working with an executive coach for about a year now…and one of the things she’s helped me identify is the importance of music in my life. It fills me with energy, passion, and optimism.

If I’m away from my home, in a strange city (as I am now) — you can often find me at a club or concert. I feel music connects me to what’s important about humanity — and it always makes me think.

So, as I RID this book today about the future of the music industry – I’m wishing that industry well.

My love for the power of music has always made me resist the urge to “rip” music – I always feel better if I’ve contributed in some small way to the artist who made it.

(It’s also why I’ve had so many CDs to give away as part of the RID project.)

Some might say this makes me naive, I say it keeps me sane.

So, I think I’ll go listen to some music now.

Good weekend, all.

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