May 30, 2011 – Seriously, how many picture frames does one man need?

Gone but not forgotten.

This’ll be the last picture frame given away for a while.

But, as I prepare to embark upon the last 2 months of the RID project, I must confess…

It’s getting hard. Really hard.

Looking back across the entries, it seems easy to categorize them by quarter.

Quarter 1 – REALLY easy RIDs, no pain…stuff I should’ve gotten RID of a lot earlier.

Quarter 2 – Things that represent passions I wanted to pursue, but not enough to keep them. Getting RID = releasing the obligation.

Quarter 3 – Emotional topics that prevented me from getting RID of the items. Getting RID = letting myself retain the memory in a new way.

Quarter 4 – True pain. Prioritizing items to RID means truly committing to the items kept. (Safe to say, I’ve thought once or twice about RIDding my obligation to the RID project.)

But we press on – two more months  to go. Approximately 60 more items.

Eager to see what develops.

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