September 22, 2011 – Just you watch.

Flavor Flav, anyone?

One of the most common questions I get about the RID project is “do you still COLLECT anything?”

Yep, watches. I have nine.

Nothing too expensive. Nothing that fancy. I just love a good watch. No matter how many times someone younger says, “why even carry one anymore? Your cellphone has a clock,” I refuse. There’s just something about wearing a watch for me.

And I intend to keep…nine.

So, you see…I just bought one. So one must go. Must be RID.

And it’s this one. Simple. Elegant. Nice.

But now…excessive.

So, goodbye functional watch. You kept time perfectly. I enjoyed your simplicity. But as of now…

You’re just one to many.


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1 Response to September 22, 2011 – Just you watch.

  1. I, too, love wearing a watch. I don’t have nine but I have a few. I’d have liked this one. Sigh. I just learned of your blog here. This is truly inspiring. I’ve had a difficult time letting go of things but one thing a day I can manage easily. Thanks for the idea. Hope New York is treating you well. My favorite place was a studio apartment in Chicago. I had very few things at that time.

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