November 11, 2011 – the TEDxPhoenix RID.

Was kind of tempted to play one last song on it from the stage...

Tonight, I give a speech on the TEDxPhoenix stage about the RID project.

I’m writing this entry pre-speech, but will post it immediately after.

You know, I really didn’t expect the RID project to strike such a chord with people (pun intended) when I started it. I simply started blogging the project because I thought it would keep me honest, and keep me doing it.

But there does seem to be something else about it – maybe we’re all looking for more simplicity, maybe we all have too much stuff, maybe it’s just interesting in some other way somehow – but I’m glad I did it, and even gladder I’m still doing it.

It’s become a way of life, a conscious form of giving on a weekly basis.

And, because of some news coming to this blog very soon…it’s also quite necessary.

More on that later.

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4 Responses to November 11, 2011 – the TEDxPhoenix RID.

  1. john mills says:

    I saw you speak in Phoenix. I’m on day four of my own RID project and looking forward to it becoming a way of life. Much thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Jaime says:

    Great speech at TEDx Phoenix! I was truly touched by the gesture of you leaving something that obviously meant so much to you for a random stranger. These days’ people tend to gauge their lives on what “stuff” they have and not about whom they influence in life and I thank you for being the latter.

  3. Dr. Mike says:

    Just remembered how much of an impact your talk made. Great stuff! I just shared this site in a Facebook comment. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Suellen M. Riley says:

    Loved your presentation, as well. Only wish I could have scooped up your guitar. Do you have any suggestions where I might be able to locate a guitar for a young boy who shows great promise. His family cannot afford to buy him one. Would love to give it to his grandmother who could give it to him as a xmas gift. My contact info is Thanks for any advice.
    Suellen M. Riley, Scottsdale, AZ

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