The RID Project and why I’m doing it.

Today I embark upon a new project – one that is slated to take me 365 days through a journey of self-discovery, clearing, and hopefully…to something I can’t even identify for you today in this blog post.

The RID project will have me give away one possession, every day, that I’ve been hanging on to. The idea is to give away those things that are no longer relevant, important, or necessary to my life.

What set me upon the RID project? After a move from Seattle to Dallas – where I moved so much STUFF across the country, I found myself surrounded by things that USED to be important, USED to define me, USED to give me comfort — but that don’t anymore.

I, like many of us I suppose, find comfort in STUFF. And now, my goal is to remove 365 items of that stuff – in an effort to find those things that truly define me.

In other words, I’m MOST interested in the stuff I DON’T throw away…but I’ve got a lot of throwing away to do before then.

The rules of the RID project are simple – get rid of something…every day. Blog a little about it – why I was hanging on to it…why I’m okay getting rid of it now.

Away we go. Off to ridding, learning, and growth.

Hello world.

And goodbye stuff.

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