And the RID project begins. And so appears the first “rule” of RID project.

The last 5 CDs I purchased

August 1, 2010 – 5 CDs, the last 5 I’ve purchased.

It occurs to me I have to set a rule for the RID project – CDs must happen in groups of 5 or more. You see, I have over 500 CDs – and it’d be SO tempting to cheat the project by turning it into a music blog.

Looking at these CDs, I have a couple of early thoughts:

1) It’s interesting in this age of digital music how I still want to OWN CDs. Whether it’s reminiscing about sitting on my bed as a teenager, combing through the lyrics, connecting the words to my life — or it might simply be about the fact that I value atoms over bits — either way, I seem to want to own a physical version of the music that I eventually rip and put on my iPod and iPad.

2) I realize I pride myself in being a listener of diverse sounds – from rap to folk, basically…ANYTHING but country. But even I dip into the alt country sounds….

3) Finally…this gives me a bit of pause as to some of the stress the RID project makes me feel. Day one – and I’m already sweating tomorrow.

See you then.

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