August 2, 2010 – Box o’ Random Crap.

Clearly, I've been toting around the blank VHS tapes for some time.

As a way of keeping myself honest, I’ve been holding on to a “Goodwill” box for a while — and I’m going to treat it as ONE post – not several.

This box is a random collection of picture frames, VHS tapes, trinkets, trash, refrigerator magnets…you name it.

While someone else may find some of this stuff useful, I don’t anymore. So it’s time to move it along – let it find its path to someone who cares about it.

A note: it’s amazing how freeing this project feels after only a couple of days – while I’m sure the choices are going to get hard along the way, the feeling of committing to it, and actually following through on it is giving me a bit of a rush.

Looking forward to tomorrow already.

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1 Response to August 2, 2010 – Box o’ Random Crap.

  1. Valerie says:

    I am so intrigued by this! I have a very similar box but my VHS tapes are recorded on yet unlabeled. I have not been able to toss it for fear they have something important on them. Of course since I have not watched them in a decade nor did I take the time to label them, odds are they are not too important. I am seriously considering taking on this project too.

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